04 July 2022 

Primary Magic is the deep nature of the magic and it's also like that a very specific kind of magic is called.

the primary magical energy (or rough) is very difficult to use.

It is a form of very powerful magic but not allowing the smoothness.
It is possible by its skew to launch magic spells of phenomenal power.
The result of its use is always impressive: it allows all what there are the disproportionate one.

The powers :

Example of capacities which could of it result :

- flood.
- ContinentalCataclysm.
- Glaciation of a sea.
- Openning of a gate to an other world.

Or on a lower level :

- Link of reciprocal life (one cannot die without the dependent one not dying at the same time). - Volcano creation.
- Rain of flame.
- Storm Invocation.

All capacities whose statement of effect is primary :

There cannot be condition or restriction.
For example: if one opens a gate to another world,
it could not be defined as being restricted nor by its passing throw way or who can nor to define which can or not to cross it and it is not even certain that its duration of effect either controllable.

Counterpart :

The use of these capacities entraine a final loss of part of the magic power of the magician. This loss corresponds to energy that it was necessary for him to use to draw from the magic primary.

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