04 July 2022 

The Chi :

As initiation, the Master prepares the beginner by making exercises of speed / addresses and fights.
Once, this one tired, the Master makes massages while deploying his aura of chi to stimulate the learner one.
The Master will do this operation until the apprentice manages to develop his own chi intentionally.
Sometimes the Master puts the apprentice in very dangerous situation to make him have the catch.
Generally this training takes between one and six months.
The Slowness Speed :

The Master prepares the beginner throw exercises of reflexion and relieving.
The goal is to arrive so that it is there a catch concerning the individual own time.
Ex: after a long reflexion the apprentice looks at a clock and does not see any more the needle of the
seconds moving, and after one moment of astonishment, all becomes again normal. The Master will explain whereas there was a temporal detachment between generic time and own time (the one of the individual).
Once the made catch, the Master will direct the pupil in the way of the control of its own time.
Generally this training takes between one and six months. L'Immobilisme :

The principle of the immobilisme resembles that of Slowness Speed but there, it is a question " of being erased " temporal frame with its environement near. It is a exercise of pure concentration which is very long to control.
Generally this training takes minimum 1 year and more. The Néant :

It is a very hard training being able to be done in 2 ways:

a) By monopolization of the capacity :
The apprentice must by the combat and his rage to overcome to kill the Master while stealing his capacity to him.
This method with for characteristic to make pass directly from the apprentice to Initié.

b) By training near a space-time tear :
The Master will prepare the learner by concentration exercises having for goal control of imagination.
The Master will condition the apprentice to feel and visualize what there is in the fault.
Then it will learn how with this one to draw from this fault a sphere of Néant.
Once that succeeded, it will explain to the apprentice that the Néant exists everywhere and will teach him how to call upon it anywhere.
The element determining in the catch is the possibility of calling upon the Néant not being under the control of an individual.
Generally this training takes between 2 and 9 months.

The Ecstasy :

This mystery with 2 modes of training :
Generally this training takes between 1 and 60 hours.
1) By the suffering: The Master goes insufler of the extreme pains to the apprentice until this one does there echo.
At this time there, if the apprentice does not die, it will start to be able itself to inflict pain with others.

2) By the extase: For this method the Master will start by kissing the apprentice by using the mystery, leading this one to the extase, possibly the Master will start again until he feels the apprentice ready.
The Master will have then a physical relation with the pupil during whom it will use the arcanes in order to br/ing the learner in 'resonance' making of him an amplifier / refletor of the arcanes, opening the learner to the knowledge of the arcanes.
According to the subjects the Master will need or not to make initiation process again. The Great Whole :

The training of this mystery requires the control of the arcanes of Fast Slowness and Immobilisme.
The Master will learn the mental path allowing to make slip a space into a confined time.
Generally this training takes between one and six years.

Corpus :

The training of this arcanes requires the control of the Chi.
The teaching of this mystery requires the control of the mystery of Extase.
Thanks to the Ecstasy the Master will teach to the apprentice how to feel his body.
By the means of the chi the apprentice will be able to concentrate his vital energy on his body surfaces in order to reinforce his skin.
By doing it in an instinctive way the apprentice will end up more doing it via Chi.
From this moment, the control of the Corpus starts.
Generally this training takes between 3 and 15 month.

Primary Magic :

Initiation with this arcanes is unknown, the people known as this arcanes user, knows it in an innate way.

Life :

Initiation with this arcanes is unknown, the people known as this arcanes user, knows it in an innate way.


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