04 July 2022 

The Arcanes are kinds of powers.

There's two distincts kind of arcanes : primaries arcanes and major arcanes.

The primaries are needed to be able to learn the major ones.
They are the knowledge necessary to comprehend Major arcanes.

The Primaries Arcanes are:

The toolKnowing using a tool to do anything but no by instinct.
The writtingAbility to draw structured language.
The MathematicsAs proof of abstraction level and thinking ability.

The Majors Arcanes are :

The ChiThe Slowness Speed"L'Immobilisme" (opposition to change) Le Néant (the emptyness) The Ecstasy
The Big AlCorpusprimary Magic Life

The Arcunum have many control levels : Novice, Initiate, Master.

The Chi :

The Chi is the force of fight, it allow over normal human acts.
It allow the increase of strengh, speed of mouvement...

The Slowness Speed :

It's an ability to alter its own time.
That allow to accelerate or slow down its own time comparativly to generic timeline.
(the generic timeline is the time witch all living being live (are synchronized to)).

L'Immobilisme :

The arcanes allow the time control but in an effect area but without possibility of mouvement for part of body in support. The effect area is a sphere of 1.5 time the size of the arcanes user, witch have as center is solar plexus.

Le Néant :

It is the ability to materialize a sphere of 'emptyness' on the body of arcanes user. It's a sphere of 30 cm of diameter. This emptyness sphere makes no dommage to the arcunam user.
But all non-living things passing through deasepered for ever, and living pass trough it like that was just a normal hole. The only way to take back something from it is that the way to go out must be the reverse of way used to go in (for a hand or anything else). If It is no, the living part is traped. It's not a good idea to stop the power during that kind of situation, it will give a fusion of flesh.

The Ecstasy :

By using the arcanes, the arcanes user is able by touching to alterate nerves messages. This manupulation allow to make sleep, make suffer, laugh, pleasure...

The Great Whole :

This Arcanes allow to withdraw an entire area off the normal timeline.
This erea exists only in the time it was moved to.
(if a village is transfer to a timeline tenth time faster than the generic timeline then it will physically exist only in that timeline. And it will be necessary to accelerate to the same timeline to be able to have any interaction with it).

Corpus :

This Arcunum allow to the arcanes user to alterate his own body : to make it more resistant to dommages, move a little his gravity center. Cette arcane permet à l'arcaniste d'altérer son corps : le rendre plus résistant And having a perfect knowledge of his body configuration, that make Corpus user ever able to know what he can physicly do or not.

primary Magic :

This Arcanes allow to make magic while drawing into the primal magic of the world.
It's power its enormous but these applications are restricted.
Through primal magic, it's possible to travel trough inter-world holes, manupulate primal forces like air or fire... This Arcanes need more time to learn than all the other, because it's a lot more difficult to learn how to use it. It 's needed to learn mecanisms working with the it.(cf. the primary magic).

All powers relatives to time, to annihilation, petrification, healing, life and death can't be used without knowing the relative arcanes.

The Arcanes of Life :

With this arcanes it's possible to heal, take back from death door, and some magician arrived to give life to dead organics materials. It also, allow to feel life around.

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